Monsoon Route: Keleshwar + Aar Waterfalls

City to Badi Lake then climb up Ubeshwar and down into Dodawali Valley. Off-road to Keleshwar temple and waterfall. Post visit go off-road to Keli climb and back towards Aar and down to Popalti village. Return via internal route towards Naya Guda and come back to City via Kodiyat. Points of Interest:2 Climbs, 2 Waterfalls […]

Monsoon Route: Alsigarh Mansi Wakal Trail

Start from the city to Kodiyat. Climb up to Rayta hills and then towards Keli village and onwards past Aar to Alsigharh Lake. Go off-road at Alisghar to join a 12km off-road forest trail towards Mansi Wakal Lake. Come back via Dodawali village over Ubeshwar and back to City via Badi Lake. Points of Interest:3 […]

UCC August-2020 Story

August Monthly Challenge: This month’s challenge is the most interesting challenge ever. All the registered participants have to complete the 100 points with defined criteria. Out of 32 participants, only 18 riders were able to complete the challenge. Below are the participants who had successfully complete the August challenge. August Distance Leaderboard Top of the […]

UCC Story: July-2020 Challenge Results and Leaderboard

Monthly Challenge Results: Out of 22 participants 11 participants have successfully completed the challenge. Nikhil Ranka Prakash Mali Sarvesh Agarwal Mukesh Menaria Dr. Manish Agarwal Himanshu Rajak Manav Kashyap Dwivedi Suresh Sahu Dr. Nitin Menaria Jai Sahu Monthly Distance Leaderboard: – The leaderboard is topped by Nidhaan Singh Yadav who rode a whopping 1,760 km […]

हौंसले के सामने उम्र और पहाड़ पस्त

50 साल से ज्यादा आयु के दो “युवाओं” ने दुनिया के सबसे ऊँचे दर्रे को साइकिल से किया पार कहते हैं, हौंसलों से बड़ी से बड़ी जंग जीती जा सकती है. और इसे सच कर दिखाया है उदयपुर शहर के कैलाश जैन और डॉ. शरद अयंगर ने. जिस उम्र में अक्सर लोग रिटायर्मेंट की प्लानिंग […]

A bicycling journey from Manali through Leh, to Khardungla

Dr Sharad Iyengar, Udaipur Cycling Club (UCC) Two of us from Udaipur, Rajasthan, Kailash Jain and I undertook a 10 day bicycle trip from Manali to Leh and then to Khardungla, on the military route to the Siachen glacier. This turned out to be a unique lifetime experience, both in terms of the challenges of […]

Meet Our Udaipur Bicycle Mayor – Yougal Tak

Udaipur Cycling Club (UCC) is proud to announce that Udaipur now officially is the part of BYCS an Amsterdam- based social enterprise driven by the belief that bicycles transform cities and cities transform the world, with a mission of 50by30, i.e. to have 50% of the entire city trips on bicycle by 2030, under its […]

Guide To Rider Etiquette

The Udaipur Cycle Club (UCC) is a friendly club that welcomes new members. To help everyone have a safe and enjoyable group ride, please take a moment to read through the following regarding rules for riding in a group. We do want to look out for the safety of our members and provide suggestions to make group rides a […]

Udaipur Cyclothon – May-2019 Challenges

Udaipur Cycling Club is happy to announce virtual monthly cycling challenge. These challenges exclusively only for Udaipur cyclist only. The purpose of these challenges to promote cycling and fitness level in the Udaipur. A competition again your existing fitness level, a competition against your current personal best, a competition against your fear. These challenges starts […]

Must Recommend BRM Checklist

Here is very useful checklist before your BRM. 1. AIR rider no. On front and rear of bike 2. Day before Give bike a thorough check especially brakes, gear shifting, lubing, tyre air pressure, tighten all screws that you can see 3. Three days before start to hydrate yourself by drinking at least 6litres of […]

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