Off-Roading Trails Around Udaipur

Beeda Nayaguda Trail This trail in the western part of Udaipur between Beeda and Naya Guda villages is a perfect trail for riding a mountain or a Gravel bike. It’s around 1.5 km long trail and is ridable in almost entire stretch.The trail was discovered by few UCC members in around 2019, and has been […]

Monsoon Route: Keleshwar + Aar Waterfalls

City to Badi Lake then climb up Ubeshwar and down into Dodawali Valley. Off-road to Keleshwar temple and waterfall. Post visit go off-road to Keli climb and back towards Aar and down to Popalti village. Return via internal route towards Naya Guda and come back to City via Kodiyat. Points of Interest:2 Climbs, 2 Waterfalls […]

Monsoon Route: Alsigarh Mansi Wakal Trail

Start from the city to Kodiyat. Climb up to Rayta hills and then towards Keli village and onwards past Aar to Alsigharh Lake. Go off-road at Alisghar to join a 12km off-road forest trail towards Mansi Wakal Lake. Come back via Dodawali village over Ubeshwar and back to City via Badi Lake. Points of Interest:3 […]

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