Dr Aishwarya Bisaria – Transformation Story

This is a story about a guy who inspite of belonging to a fitness family is all into food and drinks πŸ˜….

The guy’s name is Dr Aishwarya Bisaria. Recently he got graduated as a doctor. Before joining college in year 2015 he can barely even run. He used to weight around 130kgs that too without any extra water bottle or snack. πŸ˜…

Due to the excessive studies in his senior secondary school days he gained a lot of weight. Back then his waist was around 46 and just at the time of writing this story it is hovering around 35-36.

In year 2015 after getting admitted in college. He saw the people around him not carrying 40kgs of tummy (fat or in other terms all the fast food🌭) with them . This made him motivated to lose the weight. He started walking and controlling outside fast food . Till the month of June in year 2016 , his weight got reduced till 108 kgs and it’s kind of plateaued… For the remaining months he got busy with his exams and then came the year 2017 , he got free semester and he again started doing walking and he also joined the gym to maintain the lose skin that he is getting as a reward along with the process.

Till the January of 2018 came he was weighting 100 kgs and he can’t lose anymore of the weight. Fast forward to the year 2020 ( I left the year 2019 as nothing got lost nor the weight nor the tummy πŸ˜…) the year we know as the year of pandemic. In the month of march due to the countrywide lockdown this guy got the chance to eat whatever he loves to eat . Then came the month of June weighting around 103 kgs and not able to diet anymore he decided to try cardio workout. Being afraid to run he bought a MTB bike and started going for cycling. For the first 5-10 days he did somewhat around 50 Kms in total. Seeing the weight scale going downward motivated him to try going for longer distance and he started going to fateh Sagar lake and in few more days it got extended till badi. In the month of August seeing lots of people riding around fateh Sagar wearing a yellowish jersey he joined Udaipur cycling club .

The group people motivated him to ride more especially Dr Sharad and Dr Manish πŸ™‚. He too did many group tour with them and he also went for 2 – 3 century ride with them and hope this will go on . Currently he is weighting around 87 and hope he will get healthier in the future.

A famous quote said by him is ” shakal sukhe chahne jaise dikhne chahaiye na ki raat ko bhigoi hue pani bahre hue πŸ˜…πŸ™”

Hope people get inspired from his stories and try to do some form of exercise regularly because anything can be achieved with a healthy body 🀭.

“Thanks to the udaipur cycling club people for motivating me to write this story and share it with the people of udaipur πŸ™πŸ‘.
And lastly merry Christmas to all πŸŽ…πŸ€ΆπŸŒ²”…. By Aish.

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