Dr Manish Agrawal – Transformation Story

it’s the story of 41 year old Orthopedic surgeon, DrManish Agrawal.

This is the story of conversion of a middle-aged balding father-of-two with a tummy above his waist to an ultra-fit confident young man with an agile athletic body within a span of three years.

Three years back, he started developing knee pain, back pain, hypothyroidism, fatigue etc. He was weighing 80 kg and had a waist of 36 inches.

In 2017, he saw a few of his colleagues doing long-distance cycling on Facebook. He also decided to get a bicycle for himself but was not sure how long he would be able to pursue it. He purchased a decent Cannondale MTB and his 1st ride was of 8 km!! And it was probably one of his toughest rides. After this ride, his body ached and his muscles cried. The next day, he went for a group ride with few cyclists of the club, and he was extremely slow to ride with them. He was addressed as ‘uncle’ by most of them. This incident acted as a trigger for him.

At the same time, some senior cyclists like Sumit Sharma and Nitesh Tak motivated him with very encouraging words. He kept on practicing, riding regularly and consistently and gradually developed speed and endurance.

He started taking it as a serious sport. He very soon purchased a Giant road bike. He was one of the initial road bikers of Udaipur. He started taking an active part in organizing club activities, organizing cycling rides and events. He became an active member of Udaipur Cycling club. He also introduced the concept of Brevets in Udaipur and along with other members like Jitendra Patel and Prakash Mali, helped in the organization of BRM’s in Udaipur. He himself took part in many 200, 300 and 400 km Brevets. He went with the UCC on long rides like Udaipur to Jaisalmer and Udaipur to Statue of Unity.

He then purchased a high-end Gravel bike, Fuji Jari 1.3 in 2019. It was probably the 1st Gravel bike of Udaipur. This took his cycling to a different level and he started exploring new trails and interior routes around Udaipur. He got inspiration from the original route-guru, Sharad Iyengar.

In the process, he completed more than 25000 km cycling. Meanwhile, he also became a marathon runner. He is very regular at the Gym and believes in strength training and cross-training.

He now weighs 73 kg, has a waist of 32 inches. He has almost zero fat muscular body.

He has few funny stories to tell about his transformation, for example a regular patient from village, who had been under his treatment for arthritis for past 5-6 years, came to him after a gap of almost an year. After consultation, she asked very seriously, “Sir, aaj aapke babuji nahi milenge “? 😀…. Patient and her husband actually thought that they were meeting the son of the doctor they had been seeing all these years!!

Apart from the physical attributes, he is totally a different person now. His attitude towards life has changed completely. He always stays cheerful and positive, loves taking challenges in real life also. Cycling made him a better doctor and a better human being.

He advises everyone to do cycling now… to his patients, his colleagues, relatives and friends.

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