Kailash Jain – Transformation Story

So, here is the story of fitness icon of Udaipur… He is a 20 year old looking 50+ boy…he has inspired millions to become fit… Udaipur ki shaan… Kailash Jain.

“Jab mai chota bacha tha, badi sharaarat karta tha… meri chori pakdi jaati …jab roshini ho tow bajaj.” This popular jingle aptly describes Kailash’s teen.

And then LED lights made into the market. After He got married at 24. With a beautiful devoted wife n a doting mother, life was meant to be ‘khao peeyo aesh karo’ Aur kiya .Sports took a back seat and he started gaining weight year after year. Very Soon his weight escalated to 75kg & waist line about 35 inch” 😂Unbelievable as it sounds, he was a proud owner of an extra 15 kgs ⬆️ 😱 Ignorant about fitness n misguided by Raymond advertising 🤪…he was under the wrong impression that branded cloths is what makes ‘A man look perfect’. But there were still some life changing lessons to be learnt.

Life took a ‘U ‘turn for the better when a close friend named Sanjay Jain came as an Avataar and persuaded him to join gym, so rare those days in a city like Udaipur .. Once hooked to it, Kailash never looked back …. highly focused & dedicated as we know him to be, that was the day when the journey of fitness started for him.

He soon became the talk of the town by the time he touched 50 .He is an inspiration to countless people. “After every run
I don’t sweat 😓 I sparkle”, he writes often. Slim n trim and high on stamina he always shares his experiences and guides all who need his help. According to the Garmin watch his fitness age is rated as 20. Like he says “age is just a number”.

One of his famous quotes :-
“Insaan kapdo se nahe balke fitness ke wajah se smart lagta hai” 😂 and ” jo fit hai woh hit hai” 🙌 proves to be an absolute truth.
Having Started with aerobics, then taking over weight training, cardio , dance class and swimming in summer (but never giving up on cardio) and keeping on since the last 2 decades, he believes that it was essential to diversify activities so as never to loose interest in fitness. Not one to compromise, he follows a well balanced strict vegetarian diet, which includes the so necessary protien , Energy foods, vitamins , dry fruits ,fruits , green veg , omega ,etc … all the data on diet accumulated from his own experiences.

Around 2015, Dr Sharad who was his gym partner became his cycling guru. Initially it sounded funny to be called a cyclist. Nevertheless, he gave it a try by borrowing his son’s 24” iron made bike. Within a short span of being introduced to cycling, his first longest ride to Keli was tough jaha uske jaan hi nikal gaye. That’s when he realised the importance of a light sturdy Mtb to explore udaipur. Later on he bought a road bike n calls it his 2nd wife, his slimmest companion.

It is not possible to mention all his rides, but among the best few ones are the ride to Manali – khardungla, Udr – jaipur and udr – jaiselmer.
A fitness lover to the core, his undying love for nature had him start cycling to office since last year. He hopes to inspire people to cycle to work so that we can collectively keep the air fresh around us.

Another life turning episode, that should probably be labled as ‘V’ turn 😅 was when his cycling partner Mohit Joshi inspired him to participate in marathons. Always one to take on new challenges, he soon got hooked to running.
He joined Mewari runners clubs, participated in many marathons , dualthon, events across India. Come 2020 saw him participating in many virtual half marathon and full marathon.

Podium finisher in many events, Kailash is an icon for many. It was only fair that he was sought out to be named as brand ambassador for countless events.

He is thankful to every one who have been a part of his life and have supported him, specially his better half who stood by him. Infact, she made him even more proud by following his footsteps in staying fit.

As a father of 3 and father in law of 2, he is both humbled n revels in being the role model for his family n friends. Kailash goes by these words….A fit body, a calm mind, a house full of love. These things cannot be bought. They must be earned.

A dynamic runner, an enthusiast, sharp, smart n intelligent, witty, fun to be with, and always well dressed as if right from the covers of VOGUE, he strongly believes that fitness is the best gift a person can give to himself.

Exactly what Kailash is made of…. is very difficult to understand. Hopefully this 4 line verse explains what makes him stand apart. It’s his tenacity to go get his dreams

Kailash’s goal is not just to encourage everyone to stay fit, but to take each n every one ALONG with him on this quest for fitness.

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