Maharana Pratap 60 Days Virtual Cycling Challenge

Udaipur Cycling Club presents

Maharana Pratap Cycling Challenge

A virtual cycling challenge…*To celebrate the 481st birth anniversary of the great warrior *
Pedal more and win the challenge!


This is 60 days challenge starting from 15th April 2021 and ending on 13th June 2021, the Maharana Pratap Jayanti. There are two categories:

1. Qualifier Category
2. Winner Category

Qualifier Category:

  1. This is a challenge for those who are riding regularly on daily basis.
  2. Minimum active Cycling days have to be 36 days (out of 60)
  3. The minimum km to be covered per ride has to be 10 km, maximum there is no limit for the riders.
  4. One has to ride 900 km or more during the challenge period.
  5. Those who Participant who will finish successfully, will get medal, e-certificate, t-shirt.

Winner Category:

  1. Have to ride 2500 km or more during these 60 days.
  2. They need to have at least 4 rides of 100 km or more during this period. (It has to be a single ride)
  3. They need to have at least 15 rides of 50 km or more during this period. (these 15 rides have to be separate from those 100 km rides, Have to be done in a single stretch)


  1. Participants have to use Strava App as a tracking app to record their activity.
  2. Manual workout activity on Strava or any other app not accepted.
  3. We will felicitate qualifiers with the exclusive Medal & Certificate.
  4. Winners will get medals, certificates, and an attractive gift.


This event is exclusively for Udaipur People and request to outsider people, please do not register.


By registering for this event you understand agree to the following:

  • Risk involved in cycling and associate injuries of cycling
  • Fatal road accidents
  • Any other fatal life causing events


Cancellations / Transfer of Tickets / Refund are not possible at all. Any requests received will not be eligible for a refund, under any circumstances.
Also, in case of occurrence of any unforeseeable circumstances/events / situations due to any x-factor leading upto event cancellation, the event fees paid wouldn’t be refunded under any circumstances.


WhatsApp on the below numbers:

Email at

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The event organizer will not be responsible for any of the above or any other accident while doing cycling.

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