Meet Our Udaipur Bicycle Mayor – Yougal Tak

Udaipur Cycling Club (UCC) is proud to announce that Udaipur now officially is the part of BYCS an Amsterdam- based social enterprise driven by the belief that bicycles transform cities and cities transform the world, with a mission of 50by30, i.e. to have 50% of the entire city trips on bicycle by 2030, under its global initiative called ‘The Bicycle Mayor & Leaders Program’. ‘The program is to accelerate the progress of cycling in cities and help get another one billion people onto bikes’.

The initiative focuses on improving the overall quality of life by promoting bicycle in a way that it not only address the ever increasing traffic and pollution crises, but also tackle road deaths, break down social barriers and enable people to access essential services and running the daily errands using bicycles.

We also take immense proud to announce that, our very own, Mr. Yougal Tak, has been selected as first ever Bicycle Mayor of Udaipur and has this opportunity to represent Udaipur on global platform with international community of like- minded people, who shares the same energy and vision of making cities more bicycle friendly and less automobile dependent, a mountainous task, difficult yet achievable, with their collective efforts and on- ground activities.

An Architect- Transportation Planner by profession and an avid cyclist by passion, Yougal took up cycling 4 years ago as natural progression from running (he has participated and completed few half marathons and 10km runs across country) and also as a means to keep himself fit and healthy. As a cyclist, he regularly cycles 30- 40 kms in and around the city, and has also completed 200 Km Brevets de Randonneurs Mondiaux (BRM) under Audax India Randonneurs (AIR). Few days into it and he has realized that cycling allows to experience and explore the city(ies) in such a leisurely paced movement which no other mode can provide and match, and at the same time given the right ecosystem and suitable environment, can play an important role in city’s mobility needs.

He has been associated with government and non- government organization in past, working to make cities more sustainable, accessible and safe from last 10 years and currently as a part of an formal engagement with Udaipur Municipal Corporation (UMC) through his organization, has been supporting Udaipur on the themes of sustainable mobility, urban built environment, climate resilient cities etc.

As a part of this engagement he has been already working on making the city more bicycle friendly with the initiative such as introducing city wide Public Bicycle Sharing System or inclusion of bicycle tracks in few identified smart roads.

Moreover, being a cyclist and marathoner, he is engaged in bringing awareness among others on the benefits of cycling, mainly related to help in curbing traffic and pollution levels other than keeping oneself fit and healthy, and also to use bicycle for their daily commuting needs.

Meet our bicycle Mayor here – YOUGAL TAK

In his own words

‘Bicycle Mayor or not, I’ve always been working to make cities more pedestrian and bicycle friendly, but now being a Bicycle Mayor of Udaipur, it gives an enormous leverage to being the part of global bicycling community in the process helping city in gaining momentum in getting back its citizen to their long lost love, i.e. ‘bicycling’.

Having connected to BYCS also have an important impact in a way that as now, being an city which share a global platform with its other national and international cities, it will make city decision makers much more supportive and serious on pushing bicycling in way, which till now knowingly or unknowingly is missing from the ranks.

I keep telling people that’ it is cool to ride bicycle’ and that it will catch more eyeballs than your expensive motorbike or car. So go ahead and ride one to your school, college, your tuition, to your office and everywhere and anywhere. Just make sure to wear a helmet while riding one and always remember – no helmet, no cycle.

I as the Bicycle Mayor of Udaipur and also as a fellow citizen, urge all the fellow citizens to take up cycling for their daily commuting needs to really make Udaipur an ‘Bicycle City’ in true sense and to be known as one, along with its other famous name. i.e. ’Lake City’ and ‘Smart City’.

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