• All those participating in club rides should comply with the Highway Code and Indian Cycling Best Practice Guidelines.
  • All riders MUST wear a helmet – No helmet no ride.
  • All riders should wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions and for the safe operation of their bike.
  • All riders are responsible for their well-being during the rides, including hydration and nutrition.
  • All riders should have a basic understanding of bike maintenance in case of a problem and carry the appropriate tools to carry out minor on-road repairs such as tube replacement and chain repair.
  • All bikes must have appropriate front and rear lights when riding at night, in low light conditions or poor visibility. Helmet mounted lights can be used, but only as an addition to bike-mounted lights.
  • All riders will respect other road users and pedestrians.
  • When cycling off-road, riders should only use designated cycle tracks and bridleways, do not cause obstruction to other users of the track.
  • On group rides, no rider gets left behind. If a rider is aware of either an incident that holds someone up or someone is struggling then they should inform one of the designated rider leaders.
  • If a rider has an accident or becomes injured during a ride the ride leader must be informed and appropriate action must be taken, with the rider’s consent, to treat their injury.
  • The “Udaipur Cycling Club” will not be liable for any accident or mishap that occurs during the ride to you.
  • “Udaipur Cycling Club” is run by volunteers and it is a moral obligation of all club members to assist with the clubs activities consistent with their abilities. This may be ride leading, cake baking, committee membership, Go-ride support, charitable event support, race team commitments, event support, etc.
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