Monsoon Route: Keleshwar + Aar Waterfalls

City to Badi Lake then climb up Ubeshwar and down into Dodawali Valley. Off-road to Keleshwar temple and waterfall. Post visit go off-road to Keli climb and back towards Aar and down to Popalti village. Return via internal route towards Naya Guda and come back to City via Kodiyat.

Points of Interest:
2 Climbs, 2 Waterfalls and off-road trails


  • Distance: 75 km
  • Elevation: +1,750m
  • Est. Time: +5 hrs
  • Difficulty: 4 / 5

Strava Route Direction:

Route Map

Document Credit:
Dr. Mohan Sinha Mehta Memorial Trust (MSMMT).

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