Must Recommend BRM Checklist

Here is very useful checklist before your BRM.
1. AIR rider no. On front and rear of bike
2. Day before Give bike a thorough check especially brakes, gear shifting, lubing, tyre air pressure, tighten all screws that you can see
3. Three days before start to hydrate yourself by drinking at least 6litres of water every day and one day before both lunch and dinner eat good carbs viz. pasta, brown rice etc (do not carb overload)
4. Stock up with energy drinks/bars viz. Gatorade, enerzal (recommended), natures valley bars, bananas, dry dates, snickers (my choice) etc.
5. AIR waiver form printed and signed
6. Credit card for checkpoint ATM verification (need to be used at turn around point and end point viz twice)
7. Front (min 200-350lumens + xtra battery) and rear lights
8. Extra tubes (min 3-4nos) or puncture repair kit or money to catch taxi/truck back home also a portable air pump
9. Extra presta-shradder converter/jack is recommended for filling air @ petrol stations (as per choice) costs approx 50rs and is available at most cycle shops
10. Reflective vest (compulsory)
11. Scarf to protect from vehicle pollution (as per choice)
12. Helmet (compulsory)
13. Whistle with good decibel (to alert fellow riders or cry for help)
14. Good idea to wear full sleeves/carry arm sleeves for cold weather/sun
15. Sun block/ sun screen (as per choice)
16. Wet wipes (as per choice)
17. Basic medical kit (bandaids, gauge, cotton, savaloṅ, betadine liquid or tube, Crocin, pain killers, relispray, antacids etc)
18. Cash – at least 2-3K (keep at least Rs.1000 in change 10s, 20s, 50s, 100s)
19. Extra batteries for light, additional mobile USB battery pack (10000 MH recommended)
20. Minimum two 1ltre or 700ml bottles for water
21. Sunglasses/riding glasses for sun protection
22. Pannier bags in diff sizes for frame (as per choice)
23. Camera to take pics (as per choice)
24. Plz give fellow riders contact details to family members in case of emergency
25. Plz ride in single file especially on crowded highway and while climbing bridges and stay as much as to the left as ppossible (approx 2ft away from te curb)
26. Please donoṭ be rude with locals along the way and donoṭ tell/reveal to them the price of your bike
27. Try avoiding riding alone and try to keep atleast one fellow rider for company (not compulsory but highly recommended)
28. Fun fact – all GPS run apps run on GPS and can function with the mobile being on airplane mode, this helps save battery life (do at own risk)
29. On all pit stops it’s recommended to rub the tyRes once to clean off any debris that cud be a potential threat for a puncture (as per choice)
30. Also recommended at pit stops is a quick light stretch of te muscles
31. Fun fact – If heat gets excessive pouring water over head through the helmet, arms, legs and shoulders helps keep the body moist and cools down the body temp..
32. Don’t forget to give/provide the ATM slip to the organisers post ride for them to complete your ride formalities
33. Fun fact- riding to turn around point is easy.. It’s riding back that is the challenge. Conserve energy and muscle power for the later half of the ride…
34. Fun fact- in a BRM the rider who finishes first and last get the same accolades.. Plz read (Google) on the spirit of Brevets.. They are noṭ a race with fellow riders but a test of ones own individual determination and endurance.. Donoṭ come under pressure pre or post race of other riders individual standings or timings..
35. While it ok to share plz remember BRMs are self supported ride.. Plz carry your own quota of things.. Plz don’t “mooch off” fellow riders survival kits..
36. Hydration is always an issue in long distances there will be patches where no water will be available. It’s best to always keep one full bottle in reserve throughout the ride.
37. It’s recommended in order to avoid dehydration one should constantly sip on water every few kms. If you drink only when you’re thirsty that means you’re “already dehydrated” and risk of over hydrating which could potentially ruin your ride..
38. If you are sensing trouble riding don’t push too hard.. Better to quit than to get injured.. “Live to fight another day”.. There is no Shame in quitting.. Be smart.. Quit, retrospect, introspect come back stronger with a bang in the next BRM.. They happen throughout the year.. You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself..
40. Safety car rider no. Sticker
41. Printout of safety vehicle agreement

Jai Mewar!!!!!

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