Nidhaan Singh Yadav – Transformation Story

This is the story of 34 year old Nidhaan Singh Yadav, who cycles like a machine. One who pedals maximum miles per month in UCC. Here is what he has to say,” I have been working in private sectors since 2008… I had a very bad routine in those years…after 11 hrs of working in office, I used to go to Fatehsagar on evenings and there I used to eat fast food ,like momos, Chowmin,bread bada,etc… I was a foodie at that time… I was 22 yr old and my weight was 55 kg and waist size was 30. Then till 2015 I changed two jobs and continued this bad routine and reckless food habits…My weight grew to 84 kg and waist became 36 inch by 2015. I became unfit and I started realizing this fact.

So, I started going to gym with a friend, Kalyan in feb 2016 and I lost 12 kg weight in 3 months. I did follow proper diet schedule till 2017 and now my weight was steady at 71 kg.

In 2018 January, I bought my first bicycle that was Kross Globate. Initially, I used to ride on weekends only. In 2019, things changed for me and I started cycling regularly… mornings and evenings… also I started going long distances like 50,60,70,100 ,200km.
I cycled to many places around Udaipur like Eklingji,Haldighati, Nandeshwar ji, Nathdwara, Udaisagar lake ,Nimbaheda,etc. I was riding about 600,700 km per month in 2019.

In 2020 I decided to upgrade my bicycle, so I purchased a Scott speedster 20 Gravel bike in August 2020. Now I am riding 1500-2000 km per month. Cycling is now my passion. I want to ride many more miles on it.”

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