Off-Roading Trails Around Udaipur

Beeda Nayaguda Trail

This trail in the western part of Udaipur between Beeda and Naya Guda villages is a perfect trail for riding a mountain or a Gravel bike. It’s around 1.5 km long trail and is ridable in almost entire stretch.
The trail was discovered by few UCC members in around 2019, and has been one of the most frequented trails by cyclists after that. It’s close proximity to the city (15 km) makes it a popular weekday ride. The region is a paradise in monsoon.


Chikalwas Canal Trail

This is a beautiful 2.4 km trail, which is almost within the city and can be easily approached. It’s also quite flat and straight and the fastest speed achieved by a UCC cyclist on this is 30 kmph!
It’s a perfect trail for a beginner. There is a beautiful canal alongside which flows during the monsoon. The canal starts the Badgaon and leads to Chikalwas feeder.


Bada Madar Lake Trail

There is another must-do trail around the Bada Madar lake, which starts from the Madar village and ends at Bhadwi guda village. The trail is around 6 km long, ridable throughout its stretch, and one of the most popular trails amongst cyclists.
It is popularly known as “Bada Madar parikrama”, and the entire trail runs beside the majestic Bada Madar lake.
The trail looks best during monsoon season.


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