2nd Annual General Meeting 2021

The annual general meeting of the Udaipur Cycling club was held on 3rd April 2021. It’s an annual event of the club where all the registered members of the club gather for an evening and discuss the club activities and its future events.

2020-2021 AGM started with the welcome note of Dr Sharad Iyengar. He welcomed all the members and gave a brief introduction of the club.
It was followed by individual address by all the members, where everyone narrated their experiences with cycling, and how UCC has been instrumental in their transformation.

Then Nitesh Tak discussed about the events done in 2020 and how the year went for UCC. Year 2020 saw many news members joining the club and taking up cycling seriously. UCC also went to new heights with many members covering a distance of more than 1000 km every month. Many memorable group rides occurred during this period, like ride to Myra caves, to Jhadol, to Aar, Alsigarh, Chittorgarh, Statue of Unity, Seindh lake, Sukher lake to name a few. UCC also conducted it’s first Duathlon event with Mewari Runners in this year.

Unfortunately we also lost one prominent cyclist, Shri NP Mehta ji during this period to cardiac arrest. UCC paid tribute to him.
After that, DrManish Agrawal discussed about the future plans, upcoming events etc.

Vikas Khandelwal gave financial report of UCC and discussed about the balance sheet of the club.

Dr Sharad and Manav gave a beautiful presentation on the newer routes they explored in recent past within a 50-60 km radius of Udaipur. Manav told about his 5 best monsoon routes, all beautiful trails around Udaipur through Aravalis with steep climbs and off-roads. Dr Sharad told about various lakes he has explored around Udaipur along with other UCC members in last 7-8 years. He named almost 60 lakes around Udaipur!! No doubt, Udaipur is known as “city of lakes”…
Beautiful poems on cycling were recited by Nitesh Tak and Mukesh Sharma.

A beautiful song was sung on a guitar by Gaurav Vashistha…A stand-up act on cycling was performed by Dr Manish Agrawal.

All the IT related work was efficiently managed by Prakash Mali. Beautiful videography of the event was done by Nikhil Ranka. All the arrangements were done and managed by Sumit Sharma and Harneet Singh.

The evening was followed by dinner.

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