Sumit Sharma – Transformation Story

Here is the transformation story of a cyclist with best sense of humour in UCC….a man with a signature smile….Who can make any group ride lively by his jokes and witty one-liners. He is none other than, Sumit Sharma.

“It was a beautiful & sunny October morning of 2013, Sumit was walking in Ghulab bagh, and his friend’s wife casually commented, “Bhaiya kitna bhi chal lo, wajan Kam karna mushkil hi nahi, naa mumkin hai”, and that statement hit him somewhere and acted as a trigger to do something.

He had been routinely doing brisk walks at that time to reduce weight, sometimes fairly long distances. He was weighing 90 kg that time, just 10 kg away from achieving a 100 kg milestone, which in weight- wise terms definitely is not a good sign for a human body. He knew this.

He also tried other exercises like Yoga, slow jogging & running etc.

But he was not getting the results he wanted.

One fine day, he got a call from his school classmate to catch up and relive the good old times. He happened to be Udaipur’s one of the leading cycle store owners.

He advised him to take up cycling as an exercise to lose weight. And from here, Sumit’s cycling journey began in year 2015. He had touched a bicycle after years…May be first time after leaving the school. He didn’t know, that this new journey was going to turn into an entirely new & life changing experience for him in future which not only helped him shedding that extra kilos (now he weighs 75 kg & still reducing) but in the process gave him lifetime memories with amazing bunch of people, from all walks of life and of different age groups, but sharing the same passion, i.e. CYCLING.

He says, in 2015-16, cycling culture hadn’t started in Udaipur. He saw very few people cycling at Fatehsagar unlike today. He was an odd man out there pedalling.

Another life changing experience of him was a phone call he received one day from his old friend (who by chance was also a cyclist himself, and had formed a small group of cyclists doing weekend rides nearby), asking him to join a group ride with them. This was the time, seeds of Udaipur Cycling club were being sown.

He didn’t know that this group ride was going to change his life as well as lives of so many others who are going to be inspired by him.

Well only one thing which he misses now is that few of his friends from that first group ride have now left cycling (except Nitesh Tak) for some reason or other. He really wishes that they rejoin him again. He also urges everyone around (who right now is reading this) to take up ‘cycling’ as fun, leisure, endurance and commuting mode and make this Earth a better place to live and in the process also become healthier, wealthier (personal savings in terms of fuel) and wiser like the members of UCC.”

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