Kailash Jain – Transformation Story

So, here is the story of fitness icon of Udaipur… He is a 20 year old looking 50+ boy…he has inspired millions to become fit… Udaipur ki shaan… Kailash Jain. “Jab mai chota bacha tha, badi sharaarat karta tha… meri chori pakdi jaati …jab roshini ho tow bajaj.” This popular jingle aptly describes Kailash’s teen. […]

Nidhaan Singh Yadav – Transformation Story

This is the story of 34 year old Nidhaan Singh Yadav, who cycles like a machine. One who pedals maximum miles per month in UCC. Here is what he has to say,” I have been working in private sectors since 2008… I had a very bad routine in those years…after 11 hrs of working in […]

Sumit Sharma – Transformation Story

Here is the transformation story of a cyclist with best sense of humour in UCC….a man with a signature smile….Who can make any group ride lively by his jokes and witty one-liners. He is none other than, Sumit Sharma. “It was a beautiful & sunny October morning of 2013, Sumit was walking in Ghulab bagh, […]

Dr Manish Agrawal – Transformation Story

it’s the story of 41 year old Orthopedic surgeon, DrManish Agrawal. This is the story of conversion of a middle-aged balding father-of-two with a tummy above his waist to an ultra-fit confident young man with an agile athletic body within a span of three years. Three years back, he started developing knee pain, back pain, […]

Dr Aishwarya Bisaria – Transformation Story

This is a story about a guy who inspite of belonging to a fitness family is all into food and drinks 😅. The guy’s name is Dr Aishwarya Bisaria. Recently he got graduated as a doctor. Before joining college in year 2015 he can barely even run. He used to weight around 130kgs that too […]

Nikhil Ranka – Transformation Story

It’s the story of 37 year old Nikhil Ranka, who got completely transformed in last 3-4 years due to regular cycling. Here is what he has to say, “ABOUT 5 YEARS BACK I HAD SEVERE BACK PAIN/SCIATICA PAIN. SO, I THOUGHT OF LOSING SOME WEIGHT. THEN 1 FINE DAY 29-MARCH 2018 I GOT A BICYLE […]

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