Sumit Sharma – Transformation Story

Here is the transformation story of a cyclist with best sense of humour in UCC….a man with a signature smile….Who can make any group ride lively by his jokes and witty one-liners. He is none other than, Sumit Sharma. “It was a beautiful & sunny October morning of 2013, Sumit was walking in Ghulab bagh, […]

Dr Manish Agrawal – Transformation Story

it’s the story of 41 year old Orthopedic surgeon, DrManish Agrawal. This is the story of conversion of a middle-aged balding father-of-two with a tummy above his waist to an ultra-fit confident young man with an agile athletic body within a span of three years. Three years back, he started developing knee pain, back pain, […]

Dr Aishwarya Bisaria – Transformation Story

This is a story about a guy who inspite of belonging to a fitness family is all into food and drinks 😅. The guy’s name is Dr Aishwarya Bisaria. Recently he got graduated as a doctor. Before joining college in year 2015 he can barely even run. He used to weight around 130kgs that too […]

Nikhil Ranka – Transformation Story

It’s the story of 37 year old Nikhil Ranka, who got completely transformed in last 3-4 years due to regular cycling. Here is what he has to say, “ABOUT 5 YEARS BACK I HAD SEVERE BACK PAIN/SCIATICA PAIN. SO, I THOUGHT OF LOSING SOME WEIGHT. THEN 1 FINE DAY 29-MARCH 2018 I GOT A BICYLE […]

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