Off-Roading Trails Around Udaipur

Beeda Nayaguda Trail This trail in the western part of Udaipur between Beeda and Naya Guda villages is a perfect trail for riding a mountain or a Gravel bike. It’s around 1.5 km long trail and is ridable in almost entire stretch.The trail was discovered by few UCC members in around 2019, and has been […]

Monsoon Route: Keleshwar + Aar Waterfalls

City to Badi Lake then climb up Ubeshwar and down into Dodawali Valley. Off-road to Keleshwar temple and waterfall. Post visit go off-road to Keli climb and back towards Aar and down to Popalti village. Return via internal route towards Naya Guda and come back to City via Kodiyat. Points of Interest:2 Climbs, 2 Waterfalls […]

Monsoon Route: Alsigarh Mansi Wakal Trail

Start from the city to Kodiyat. Climb up to Rayta hills and then towards Keli village and onwards past Aar to Alsigharh Lake. Go off-road at Alisghar to join a 12km off-road forest trail towards Mansi Wakal Lake. Come back via Dodawali village over Ubeshwar and back to City via Badi Lake. Points of Interest:3 […]

Meet Our Udaipur Bicycle Mayor – Yougal Tak

Udaipur Cycling Club (UCC) is proud to announce that Udaipur now officially is the part of BYCS an Amsterdam- based social enterprise driven by the belief that bicycles transform cities and cities transform the world, with a mission of 50by30, i.e. to have 50% of the entire city trips on bicycle by 2030, under its […]

Udaipur’s inaugural BRM event concluded with flying colors!

Given the strong fitness enthusiasm and awareness among citizenry of Udaipur and presence of very active cyclist and runner groups, Udaipur Cycling Club (UCC), a local city based cycling club recently hosted its first ever Brevets De Randonneur Mondiaux (BRM) covering the distance of 200 km on Udaipur- Nimbahada- Udaipur route on Sunday, 16th Dec […]

BRM Tips for First Time Riders

Tips for First Time BRM Riders: Before the Ride – Pre-registration is important. Register early. – A 200 KM BRM is the simplest of brevets that requires the least amount of training. More than the physical strength you need the “I-can-do-it” attitude. – A 200 KM BRM is to be finished in 13.5 Hours. This […]

Lakecity First BRM 200 KM – Udaipur Main BRM Ka Agaaz

Udaipur Cycling Club is happy to announce that Udaipur’s first BRM 200 KM to be held on Sunday, 16 December 2018. We would like to invite all the cyclist from Udaipur and across the India. Event Detail:Date: Sunday, 16 December 2018Assemble Time: 5 AMFlag off time: 6:00 AMStart Point: Fatehsagar OverflowFinish Point: Sanjivini Medical, Sevasharam […]

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